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Rape victim’s mother begs government to take Gender-based violence seriously

The Pietermaritzburg community is worried about the safety of their children after a minor was raped recently. The 11-year-old was kidnapped on her way home from school and was taken to a vacant plot in Woodlands.

Her mother says the child’s clothes were dirty when she came home and she went to shower immediately.

She had noticed her daughter’s odd demeanour, but she only opened up about two weeks later.

“I always teach my children to speak you know and so for me, she’s like mum, I didn’t tell you because if I did tell you I know that you would have gone straight there and I know he has a gun and he would have killed you,” she said.

The alleged rapist — who lived only a few houses away from the young girl — was arrested in October. He is out on bail and is due back in court on 8 December.

Meanwhile, a non-profit organisation has recently intervened by visiting the girl’s school to raise awareness on gender-based violence.

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Source: eNCA

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