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Prophet Uebert Angels message to Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Uebert

Prophet Uebert Angels message to Prophet Bushiri. We all know that Shepherd Bushiri is a son to Prophet Uebert Angel who is his spiritual father. Just like any father does when it comes to defending his family, that’s what exactly he is doing in this Prophet Bushiri case.

Uebert Angel is proud of his son Shepherd Bushiri. Prophet Uebert Angel took to Instagram and had lots to say about Shepherd Bushiri most of which was about prayers.

Prophet Bushiri and Uebert Angel

FASTING and PRAYER from 12 midnight to Monday 1300 afternoon for MAJOR 1 @shepherdbushiri and @prophetess_mary_b We are praying and fasting THANKING GOD in FAITH for What he is about to do in our LIVES and in the PROPHETS’ lives…

Prophet UebertVICTORY IS GUARANTEED in CHRIST that we SURE OF because we have a more sure word of prophecy in the written word of God as the scriptures say. ***After you break your fast make your way to the showground and hear the word of the Lord from me THE EMERITUS. Your life will never be the same again!