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Ebumnandini community still waiting, 22 years after being promised services

Twenty-two years after being promised basic government services, a community on the West Rand of Joburg has not seen much change.

Ebumnandini, which loosely translates to “a place of fun” in IsiZulu, is an informal extension of the Tshepisong township.

Thousands of people were placed there more than two decades ago with promises of improved living conditions. But because the area hasn’t been declared an official township, it hasn’t been prioritized to receive services such as clean running water, a functional sewage system, and tarred roads.

The smell of sewage has been a familiar one that has lingered in the air since 2019. The people of Ebumnandini have had to live in these circumstances daily, and someone who was brought here almost 22 years ago is Phumulani Khulu.

“Since 2000, we have had some challenges, like we wanted the place to be proclaimed a township. And then we are not sure where we are standing now. And we have electricity problems also,” Khulu said.

He said that they had tried approaching the leadership of the city but to no avail.

On Tuesday morning the community will hear from the African National Congress (ANC) on what they’ve done in the last two decades.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and ActionSA will also detail their plans for the informal settlements.


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