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Princess Shyngle – I’m the queen of body works: Video

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle has disclosed she had worked on her body and has promised to help disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate Tacha get a better body. The Gambian actress’ move is aimed at silencing one of the housemates, Mercy, from comparing her body to Tacha. Princess Shyngle said this while addressing Tacha’s disqualification from the Big Brother Naija house. The actress condemned Mercy for provoking Tacha and flinging her hair in her face.

Princess Shyngle

She went on to say that Tacha will be “the most successful housemate in just a few months”.  She then addressed those who have been saying Mercy has a sexier body than Tacha. Princess Shyngle added that she is “the queen of body works” and said to Tacha, “Abeg hit me up and imma hook you up.

Princess Shyngle

Admitting to having cosmetic surgery, Shyngle wrote, “Forget the fact that @symply_tacha is my favourite housemate but this disqualification is bulls**t, she was clearly provoked and she reacted which is very normal, if any girl dare flip her stupid dirty hair on my face I would have slapped the shit out of you.

Princess Shyngle

This was such an unfair disqualification??? but my baby TACHA they took you out of that house cuz they knew if you stayed you would have won ( most trended housemate, most talked about housemate, highest following housemate, most voted housemate) you’re by far my winner and you played the game perfectly, and mark my words you’re gonna be the most successful housemate in just a few months. ??? and all those saying mercy is sexier than you Abeg hit me up and imma hook you up? I’m the queen of body works? I love you baby @symply_tacha,” she said.

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