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President Ramaphosa: I will be president for all South Africans

President Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa said he will be a president for all South Africans after he was elected president unopposed by the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa said he is “truly honoured and humbled to be elected to serve people of South Africa”.

“I will seek to act and be the president of all South Africans, and not just those who voted for the party I lead,” Ramaphosa said.

“I will be a president for all South Africans, and not just for the African National Congress.”

‘Honour, dignity and respect’

He said the composition of the National Assembly is a reflection of the will of the people.

“Collectively all of us who are here have a mandate to build a nation founded on social justice. They also have a mandate to revive the economy to create jobs to actualise hope so that people’s aspirations are met.

He also said there was a need to rekindle institutions that supported the country’s democracy.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

He said South Africans expected a robust exchange of views in the National Assembly.

“They would like to see us dealing with each other with honour, dignity and respect.”

He said people does not want to see a house that degenerate into chaos and disorder.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said Ramaphosa’s election comes at a crucial time for South Africa and that the country needs a Parliament that works for it.

He said the DA will be the first to praise steps Ramaphosa takes in the interest of the country, but that they will hold him to account if he shields looters.

“May this be a season of better collaboration,” Maimane concluded.

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed Ramaphosa as “Comrade President” and said he hopes he will be president of a corruption-free government.

He warned Ramaphosa not to surround him with sycophants.

“You need someone who is going to be honest with you.”

“We’ve not elected the Oppenheimers. We have not elected the Rupert’s here.”

FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald called on Ramaphosa to ensure the interests of the people of South Africa are more important than those of the governing party, and to ensure nation building.

“The people of South Africa wants hope,” Groenewald said.

“Land!” EFF MPs shouted.

Groenewald said his party wants to build South Africa, but also the protection of minority rights.

GOOD leader Patricia de Lille, said Ramaphosa is weighed down by the expectations of South Africa.

“I want to offer to you the support of GOOD and the love of GOOD. But the love is not unconditional, Mr. President.”

De Lille said GOOD believes in holding government accountable in a constructive manner.

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