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President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly paying ANC salaries with his own money

Cyril Ramaphosa

Things have, apparently, got so bad in the ANC that the president has to bankroll the party. Hundreds of workers now face the prospect of late salaries.

Tensions have brewed in the ANC since the end of 2019 after the ruling party allegedly ran into some cashflow problems. It’s understood that December salaries for provincial workers and Luthuli House staff were paid more than two weeks late — and the same issues have been raised this month.

Is Cyril Ramaphosa paying ANC salaries?

The ANC have an extravagant birthday celebration coming up. But their financial priorities may need shuffling. The organization is facing a tough task to pay salaries in January and February. In fact, one source to IOL that Cyril Ramaphosa himself has been asked to bankroll the wage bill.

The claim that the president has had to take money out of his own pocket just to keep the party afloat is nothing short of astounding. With a fortune estimated to be worth more than R500 million, Cyril’s vast wealth has been seen as a short-term fix to help bury the major issues facing the ANC, who will commemorate their 108th birthday on Saturday.

“Crisis? What crisis?”

Pule Mabe is a spokesperson for the governing party. He has denied any allegations that the coffers are empty, and stressed that there isn’t a crisis for the media to report – which conflicts with several official accounts:

“There is no crisis in the ANC and those in the employment of the party are the ones who are kept updated, not the media. The ANC does not owe an explanation to the media on how it relates to its staff; we don’t even know who among the staff told you that they were not paid because we have never had that kind of crisis.”

This isn’t the first high-profile spat the party have had with internal non-payments. Back in September 2018, the ANC’s official website was taken down after they failed to pay a bill of R32.5 million. To this day, anc.org.za remains offline, as the party continues to adjust to their financial predicament.

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Source: The South African


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