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Pregnant woman stabbed by her cheating boyfriend after trying to break up with him

The family of Olwakhe Majikijela, who’s recovering in hospital, wants justice. The 26-year-old pregnant woman was stabbed on 1 October, allegedly by her boyfriend.

Olwakhe’s family said the suspect was still roaming the streets of Slovoville, Soweto, and they feared he’d go to the hospital to finish what he started.

Olwakhe told the SunTeam the trouble started when she threatened to dump her boyfriend.

She said this was after she caught him cheating.

Apparently, it was not the first time.

“He cheated on me earlier this year and I didn’t think we would be dealing with that issue again,” she said.

Olwakhe said on the first of this month, she found messages from another girl on her boyfriend’s phone. When she confronted him, he took her to the girl to prove the affair between them was over.

“He apologized and told me it won’t happen again. I got annoyed and said I was tired of being hurt by him,” she said.

Olwakhe said when they went back home, the man told her she was not going anywhere and that only death would separate them.

“He was very angry, but I didn’t think he’d actually do this to me,” she said.

Olwakhe said he then took out a knife and stabbed her three times, on her chest, under her arm, and on her back.

Her aunt, Lizzy Simelani, (62) said she heard that the boyfriend visited the hospital last week. “He’s supposed to be in police custody.”

Gauteng police spokesman Kay Makhubele confirmed a case was opened and the suspect was bust.

“The suspect appeared in court on 5 October and will appear again soon,” Makhubele told the People’s Paper.

-Daily Sun

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