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Police in Mpumalanga arrest suspect who followed victims home after withdrawing money

Mpumalanga police arrested a 32-year-old suspect after he and two other men allegedly followed two victims home after withdrawing money from the bank in Nelspruit.

Provincial police spokesperson, Selvy Mohlala, explained that the incident happened on Wednesday when a victim, who was traveling with a family member, was followed when returning home from withdrawing money at the bank.

Mohlala said the victims were accosted by a group of three armed men as they approached an estate and were about to enter the residential area.

“It is further alleged that a white VW Polo overtook and blocked their vehicle. The suspects are said to have alighted from their vehicle while shooting randomly and forced the two victims out of the vehicle,” he said.

He added that the victims were robbed an undisclosed amount of money before the suspects fled the scene.

They reported the matter to police, and the information was circulated among law enforcement agencies.

As police were patrolling in the afternoon at N4 Road next to Karino near Kanyamazane, they spotted the VW Polo passing near Mpumalanga University.

“A chase ensued till Kanyamazane, and it is further reported that one of the suspects alighted from the vehicle, then tried to jump the wall but was cornered by the astute members,” said Mohlala.

Upon searching the suspect, police found a 9mm pistol with 13 rounds, and the serial numbers on the firearm were filed off.

The suspect was charged with robbery and is expected to appear at the Nelspruit Magistrate’s Court on December 1, 2023.

Mohlala added that two other men have been taken in for questioning in respect of the robbery.


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