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Pokello’s Golden Moments – WOW

Pokello Nare
First Name: Pokello Last Name: Nare

Pokello’s Golden Moments – WOW. There call her the queen of swagger in Zimbabwe and a look at her Instagram posts confirms that. Rocking designer clothes and shoes Pokello Nare was out to impress and she did that in style.

Pokello Nare
First Name: Pokello
Last Name: Nare

A close look at that amazing handbag… I wonder how much she splashed for that designer bag… but I guess the cost doesn’t matter if you look that amazing.

Pokello Handbag

Like always Pokello’s shoe game is always on point and all I can just say is WOW. With a caption “Just for Clout” she shared these amazing beauties.

Pokello shoes
Just for Clout

When you add all those accessories to an amazing dress, Pokello looks like a princess from a fairytale or rather a queen.

I’m actually this Badd in Real Life too

I am sure you will agree with me that WOW is the best word to describe this amazing beauty. We got to know Pokello Nare on Big Brother Africa and since then we can’t get enough of the amazing Zimbabwean beauty.

The video spoke volumes, especially with this caption… “Showing up to my @takatsonare_702_ 40th Birthday bash looking like an Olympic Gold Medal”

Pokello’s golden moments are really wow!


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