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Picture of the day! Babes Wodumo & Slenda Sthah showing off

Picture of the day! Babes Wodumo & Slenda Sthah showing off. Babes Wodumo is with no doubt the Qgom Queen right now and every song she voices upon have been major hits. She has been going well as far as music is concerned. Maybe her relationship side is not or should l say was not going so smooth. Ever since that @buse saga at Metro FM she has been keeping a low profile in terms of social media appearance.

She was spotted with one of Afrotainment’s dancer Slenda Sthah as they were having a good moment at one of probably Babes Wodumo’s show. The star who has been passive on almost all her social media platforms posted a picture with Mampintsha which received a lot of criticism and it went viral.

Babes Wodumo

And this is what some of the people had to say after seeing the picture:

One fan who is confused like most of us wrote: What’s this now, are you guys back together, I can’t keep up nyan🙌

Some had to say this: well if u listened to the interview, she did mention that she was @bused by him.. u r right when u say she doesn’t owe us anything, but at the end of the day as a public figure what example are u setting to young girl, are u saying abuse is ok..?? I don’t know if u forgot about what happened to Karabo Mokoena and the other women who were not so fortunate to get out alive…

The drama continued when one fan said this: I just hope this is a work relationship not something else, otherwise it would be so disappointing of you ..did u forget what happened to karabo mokoena and all the others who were not fortunate to come out still alive??..good luck ma’an..u r seriously going to need it..!!

Back to our story, she served some summer body goals in this picture that we thought could be our picture of the day without any doubt. She was with Afrotainment’s dancer Slenda Sthah, check the picture out:

Babes Wodumo




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