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Pictures of Skolopad at the #VDJ2018 #DurbanJuly2018 #DurbanJuly


Pictures of Skolopad at the #VDJ2018 #DurbanJuly2018 #DurbanJuly. Things are starting to happen at the #VDJ2018 as celebrities start to step on the race course. As we said earliar on we all want to see what our celebrities are wearing. Are they on point or they want to be arrested by our fashion police.

So you, our readers are going to tell us whether our celebs are on point or not. So here we have started with Queen Skolopad and her friends. Check the pictures below…


Thanx to @lera_v_design for this amazing dress…


Queen Skolopad this time did not pull one of the dresses that made her hit the headlines last year, this time she chose to be more covered, are you feeling the dress?

SkolopadAmzozo and @lera_v_design at Durban July 2018. The designer who designed Skolopad’s dress.

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