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Pictures of Skolopad after the suicide rumours

Pictures of Skolopad after the suicide rumours. The star who was reportedly believed to have tried to commit suicide has posted new pictures after that incident. SThe star came out though and spoke her own peace of mind on the allegations.

Skolopad said even though she wasn’t trying to kill herself, she can imagine how an overdose would look to the most important people in her life and said she couldn’t bring herself to talk to them because she’s afraid of looking like a failure to them.

Even though Skolopad is recovering after she overdosed on anti-anxiety pills, she’s struggling to speak about the incident to her mother and daughter.

“I wish they didn’t know because I know how it’s going to look for them. My mother hasn’t called and I am afraid to be the first to call. I don’t want to disappoint my baby or my mother, you know. That is my greatest fear, that I will disappoint them.”

Now we have decided to share with you the latest pictures after that suicide rumour incident…


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