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Pictures of Lootlove’s shoe collection

Pictures of Lootlove’s shoe collection. TV and Radio host Loot Love has a shoe closet to envy. She loves posting pictures up of her shoes but we are going to have a look at her sneaker collection. If you’re a sneaker fan, you’ll love her collection. Check some of the pictures she shared on her Instagram:


She really has good taste when it comes to sneakers


Because the fam LOVEs Lootlove. @nswza. #SneakersCleanerThanVanilla 😍❤

Jordan sneakers

Silver and black, matching with my Beasty. 😍❤ #NSWZA

Nike Shoes

My 1st NIKEiD design is pretty 👌🏾… #NIKEiD… #SockDart 🎯 👑❤


😍🔥😰❤… YUM!!!! #MyFootwork17 😍


These Nikes are fresh!!! I am unable to describe how I see them.


Source: Instagram/ZAlebs