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PF vows to launch a vigorous nationwide campaign to retire HH after 2021 elections

PF vows to launch a vigorous nationwide campaign to retire HH after 2021 elections

The Patriotic Front (PF) National Mobilization Committee has vowed to launch a vigorous nationwide campaign that will send UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema into retirement in 2021.

Committee Chairperson who is also Mines Minister Hon. Richard Musukwas has made it categorically clear that the ruling party is not swayed by Hichilema’s social media hullabaloo and innuendos as it is on the ground working.

He said while the perennial election loser is busy making memes on social media , PF is on the ground ensuring that Zambians receive their well deserved development. PF vows to launch a vigorous nationwide campaign to retire HH after 2021 elections

“Again in 2021 we launching a serious robust campaign across the country and we will ensure that we provide an emphatic defeat to the opposition who are always postulating on social media while PF is busy working and the things that we have done in terms of infrastructure people are able to see .” Said Hon . Musukwa during a press briefing .

He added that Hakainde had no capacity to fix anything in the country especially when his track record reveals that he ruined everything when he was given an opportunity to handle national assets way back .

“What are you going to fix about climate change , which is not synonymous to Zambia only? what are you going to fix about COVID-19 which is not synonymous to Zambia only?what are you going to fix about commodity prices that happen at a global platform? What we would like to urge Zambians is that yes we are alive with the challenges that our people and country at large are facing in this global imbalance , but His Excellency the President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF have provided leadership.”Said Hon. Musukwa .

He emphasized that leading a country required longterm focus , and not a matter of people who were just excited about going to the statehouse. PF vows to launch a vigorous nationwide campaign to retire HH after 2021 elections

“Colleagues leading the country at the level of President is not like changing our babies’ napkins every day. Leading a country requires consistency, leading a country requires longterm focus, it’s not just a matter of people who are excited about going to statehouse is not for experiments. The Zambian people have vested their trust in Edgar Chagwa Lungu as their President and their candidate for 2021.” Hon. Musukwa told Journalists.

And further, Hon. Musukwa said that PF was aware that the opposition has been propelling propaganda of all sorts together with foreign agents of the so-called regime change.

“Zambians can never be influenced by foreigners and foreign elements whose interests are to exploit our resources to the advantage of few individuals whom we have been able to see their track record when they had a little slot, an opportunity to manage some of our national affairs,” he stated.

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Posted by Mwebantu on Sunday, September 13, 2020

He has also urged party members who left to return without hesitation.

“Some of the people who have gone are actually regretting their decisions so come back to your party, come back to PF because this is the party you founded and ensured that we drive our party to another level,” he stated.

Hon. Musukwa has also encouraged the student populace and technocrats who support the ruling party to continue doing so.

“I encourage our students and technocrats across the country who support PF and our values that you are the bedrock of our wisdom in terms of ensuring that we run and operate a government and a party on informed principles. He reiterated.

Meanwhile Hon. Musukwa remained unapologetic for the party’s call to ensure that all of its eligible supporters especially.

Source: Lusaka Times