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Pearl Thusi – Ntsiki Mazwai is so obsessed with me

Ntsiki Mazwai and pearl thusi

Pearl Thusi has hit back at Ntsiki Mazwai after the poet struck a nerve with her comments about complexion and weaves. Ntsiki Mazwai is used to speaking her mind on social media, even if it means offending people along the way. Some celebs have resorted to ignoring or blocking her, while others respond with subtle shade.

Pearl Thusi

This time, however, Ntsiki might have struck a nerve during her weave debate on Twitter when she mentioned Pearl Thusi. The poetess made some offensive comments about Pearl’s ethnicity and Mama Panther was not prepared to take it lying down.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki ignited a heated debate on weaves and black women wearing them in order to mimick white women. She was completely opposed to the weave trend and bashed women for not loving their true African selves. When a Tweep tried to argue against Ntsiki’s point of view, using Pearl Thusi and her hair as an example, Ntsiki retaliated with an offensive comment. The social media user commended Pearl’s versatile hair and admired the different textures that come from it. Ntsiki being herself, commented.

Pearl Thusi who is currently on a friendcation with best friend DJ Zinhle in Mauritius, clapped back at the Qhawe singer. Pearl resorted to name calling when she responded with the words; “That dirty girl is obsessed with me and she doesn’t even have her facts straight wow.”

She deleted some of the tweets however, nothing completely disappears from the internet these days. One of her deleted tweets also read; “How is it that people who hate you and have never met you, know you so well? Obsessed much?

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