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Papa Penny gives away over R13,000 a month in food parcels to the poor in Limpopo

Papa Penny

As the cold sets in, reality TV star and Tsonga musician Papa Penny has revealed to TshisaLIVE how he gives away thousands of rands in food parcels every month to people in Limpopo. In a Instagram post, Papa Penny explained that he buys 50 bags of mielie-meal, vegetables and chicken, which he donates to 50 people each month.

Papa Penny

Papa Penny told TshisaLIVE that he forked out well over R13,000 a month on the food packs and said the money came from his salary as a councillor in the area.

“The money comes from my pay from the municipality. There are a lot of people that are poor in the area, they can’t even afford mielie-meal. I decided to help them.”

The muso said that the bags are meant to last 2-3 months, which allows him to help 150 families.

Papa Penny

He said he was working with local businesses to help those affected by the cold front currently sweeping the country. Papa Penny is no stranger to giving back to his community.

Papa Penny

He previously told TshisaLIVE about his plans to own an avocado orchard so he can give the people afro-avos, and he shared his determination to grow Papa Penny Funeral Cover to international heights.

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