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Sad: What happened to this lady shouldn’t ever happen to any other woman

This is so sad! A woman, South African by the way, got fired from a multimillion-dollar company, eQuelle Water for breaking one of its cardinal rules; to never get pregnant before marriage. But later got hit by a car and died just a few days before winning a life-changing court case against the company.

The gut-wrenching incident took place back in 2008 in KwaZulu Natal which is home to one of the biggest cultic non-denominational church missions, KwaSizabantu.

Mandi Mnomiya, then 29, was one of the few disgruntled church devotees who worked for the multi-million dollar company, eQuelle, which is owned by the church. She stayed in the church compound just like many eQuelle workers at that time.

All hell broke loose when she fell pregnant back in 2008. To the cultic church, and its company, falling pregnant before marriage is up there on par with murder and blasphemy. She knew from then the horrifying high price she had to pay for her actions.

First, she got fired by the company which claimed she did not comply with its code of conduct, specifically one provision which prohibited “amorous relationships between any two persons outside of marriage”. Her church also disowned her and blocked her from accessing church premises which housed the company she worked at. The church’s policies say that “an unmarried woman staying and working on the premises are not allowed to fall pregnant”.

The disgruntled woman sought legal help and the courts found that she had been unfairly dismissed despite her employer claiming that she had resigned and was failing to return to work after getting barred by church guards to access the church premises. The court also confirmed the remedy of 12 months’ compensation, which the company appealed against.

After six long years of the painful court dispute, in 2014, eQuelle’s appeal was finally dismissed by the Labour Appeal Court and was awarded her full year’s salary of R7, 943. The constitution and labour laws outlaw such discriminatory measures on grounds of pregnancy or one’s marital status.

She, however, did not get this money. She mysteriously died a week before winning the life-changing court case. Her family claims that she was hit by a car.

This is a perfect example of the ongoing discriminatory system that pregnant women in South Africa still go through to this date. It is also one of the so many cases of cultism in South Africa.

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