Home Entertainment #OurPerfectWedding encourages viewers to search for love on We Chat

#OurPerfectWedding encourages viewers to search for love on We Chat

This weekend was nothing short of entertainment when it comes to OPW and its viewers who are now certainly convinced that love is not on Twitter but definitely on We Chat & Facebook.

And we couldn’t agree more.

On Sunday night we were introduced to the lovely couple that is Neo and Betty. The couple had an absolutely gorgeous wedding which was admired by many viewers on Twitter.


But what we found to be hilarious was the reaction of many Twitter users about how Neo and Betty met.

The couple met over We Chat, a social media chat app that is really starting to be a frequent mention on OPW just like Facebook. Most of the couples that have appeared on the show have shared that their first encounter with each other was either on We Chat or Facebook and not on Twitter.

It gets even more interesting, after meeting on We Chat the two went on a date and on that first date there was a sleepover, 4 days later they moved in with each other about 2 weeks the couple applied for a home loan together.


Twitter users were so shook at how the relationship quickly moved from We Chat to suddenly buying a house together within weeks. For some single people it was clear that Twitter never loved them, to be honest Twitter never loved anybody.

But one thing you can be sure of is that love is definitely on We Chat and Facebook, so much so that Twitter users are now packing their stuff and moving over to We Chat for a better chance at love.

But honestly, when have you ever heard that a couple met on Twitter?


If anything Twitter brings people drama and chests pains.

Whereas on We Chat and Facebook…..?And so people have come to the realization that these two social media platforms are where its at and not on Twitter.