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Pastor Timothy Omotoso trial begins

The [email protected] and human trafficking retrial of Jesus Dominion Church pastor Timothy Omotoso starts on Tuesday.

It was previously suspended when Judge Mandela Makaula recused himself after it emerged his wife had business interests at a guesthouse at which some of the State witnesses were staying.

pastor Timothy Omotoso

Cheryl Zondi was central to the trial as she detailed how Omotoso allegedly raped her and how he controlled the girls in his care.

Omotoso and his co-accused Zukiswa Sitho and Lusanda Sulani, face 97 charges.

The trial made headlines when Omotoso’s lawyer, Peter Dauberman, was accused of badgering Zondi and asking explicit questions.

Zondi has been reported as saying she is willing to testify again because she wants justice.

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