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Ntando Duma and sister are taking over the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry has become flooded with siblings that are all doing well. It’s clear that some siblings are bringing all the cash home thanks to their entertainment gigs.

Ntando and Thando

Ntando Duma may be the one that we’re more familiar with but her older sister Thando, is building he own little empire. At first glance, you may think the sisters are twins and to be honest, we all thought they were for the longest time but it just turns out they’re one of those siblings that are hard to tell apart.

Thando and Ntando

Little sister Ntando whom we first met on the Craz_E presenter search which she later won is now without a doubt one of the biggest young faces in the South African entertainment industry. From TV presenting, acting, being an MC, headlining her own show on Touch HD and not forgetting those crazy dance moves, this 22-year- old is well on her way to being a young mogul.

Thando on the other hand has also been in entertainment for a while. Thando is an events DJ/vocalist who goes by the name of DJ Lady Amar, way before we even knew Ntando, Thando was already making a name for herself Djying alongside some of the best DJ’s in the industry and bringing life to some of the best parties.

We must admit, we did, however, start to draw more attention to her when Ntando became famous not only because they look so alike, but because these sisters are each other’s biggest fans.


Thando and Ntando Duma

It’s without a doubt that the sisters have a very tight knit relationship and with them both being in the industry, there’s no room for fake friends because they got each other’s backs.