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Mauritius President Gurib-Fakim refuses to resign

Mauritius President

Ms Gurib-Fakim denies any misconduct after allegations emerged she made tens of thousands worth of personal purchases on a charity bank card. Her office has said the purchases were accidental and have been paid back.

Africa’s only female head of state, Mauritian President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, is refusing to quit over an expense scandal, just days after it was announced she would resign.

Mauritius President

The country’s prime minister had said she would stand down on Monday. But the president’s office has now contradicted this statement. “Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, having nothing to feel guilty about and able to provide corroborating evidence, rejects any idea of resigning,” the president’s office statement said.


It also said that Gurib-Fakim, a renowned scientist, “had an identical credit card from the same bank inadvertently used the card from the [Planet Earth Institute] PEI for expenses not linked to her mission”.

Her office said $27,000 (£19,335) has been refunded and Ms Gurib-Fakim will defend herself with “legal action”. The organisation says it had given her a credit card to cover travel expenses while promoting African science, technology and innovation.

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