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Nomzamo Mbatha’s classy clapback after wardrobe scrutiny on twitter

Her bae Maps Maponyane taught her well and she might have better clap backs than Maps too.

Nomzamo Mbatha

After posting a hot photo of herself wearing a latex dress she once wore back in 2015,
one twitter troll called out the star for ‘wearing the same outfit again’.

A dress which she apparently owns in a different colour…


Nomzamo Mbatha

Mbatha calmly and classily took the long way around when telling the Tweep to stay in his lane:





And she went on to add,


While many were unhappy with the fact that she responded in the first place, let alone the fact that she used finances as her base for a response, others believed that once you come for somebody (famous or not), all is fair in love and war, so to speak.




This comes just after another Twitter user complained about Pearl Thusi wearing the same bra on multiple occasions. Geez! Is this the kind of world we live in now? A world so governed by Twitter standards that a woman can’t even have a favourite bra just because she has a little money?

Yes, the entertainment world is a machine in which outfits become one of the most disposable commodities once they touch the skin of a famous person but is a person not allowed to have a favourite item of clothing just because they are famous?

The incident between Litchi and Nomzamo also begs the question of why we feel as though celebrities and brands have to take the online abuse from regular people on the chin?

Many feel as though Mbatha should have just let Litchi’s comments slide but we feel otherwise. If you can dish it out, then you can certainly take it. Celebrities and brands shouldn’t have to suffer through the bullying in silence just because they are perceived to be better off in life.

And they can certainly repeat whatever items they own. The current economic climate affects us all.