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Nomvula Mokonyane at #GavinWatsonmemorial – My time will come and I will tell you what Agrizzi has done

Nomvula Mokonyane at Gavin Watson Memorial

Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, has spoken highly of the former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson. Watson died in a horrific crash on Monday morning at the OR Tambo International Airport.

Minister Nomvula Mokonyane spoke at his memorial service and said if Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo asked her how she knew Watson, she would answer to say she knew Watson as a freedom fighter.

“I will say they must ask Ronnie Watson. These are not the people who had ulterior motives; they gave their all.

“Why did I frequent the Bosasa office? I would say these offices were friendly with the ANC.”

Gavin Watson Memorial
Gavin Watson Memorial

She said her time would come to provide her version of events.

“My story will not be told through [News24 editor] Adriaan Basson or newspapers. My time will come.”

Mokonyane warned the media to avoid reporting on the death of an individual before the family themselves knew, or “had time to collect themselves”.


She went on to criticise social media and said it was breaking “ubuntu.” She ridiculed reports of a relationship of “chicken and whisky”, which was how former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi had, in part, testified about her. She said she looked forward to her time to provide her truth.

“My time will come and I will tell you.” When the time came, Mokonyane said she would detail her relationship with Agrizzi.

“What he was doing with Agrizzi only the creator will judge. Love them all but trust no one.”

Mokonyane is alleged to have facilitated the use of part of Bosasa’s call centre for the West Rand ANC to campaign for the 2014 general elections, the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture heard.

She also allegedly received cash bribes from the company in a Louis Vuitton bag.

Bosasa’s former fleet manager and buyer, Frans Vorster, detailed how Watson insisted that Mokonyane be prioritised and her needs fulfilled by the company, which is now known as African Global Operations.

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