No Luck with FlySafair R5 Sale

No Luck with FlySafair R5 Sale as I was stuck in the waiting room the whole time. I shared earlier that the FlySafair Website was down 15 minutes before the sale started. For others it was down the whole time of the R5 Sale it seems.

I was logged in with 3 devices and I kept trying to access their website. On my mobile, I managed to access the website just after 09:00 but on the computers, I couldn’t access the site. I kept getting the 504 Error.

FlySafair Website is Down

As the sale went on though, I noticed a few things that got me worried a little bit. The welcome Note in their Waiting Room said: “WELCOME TO OUR R5 SALE
You’re in our waiting room. Every 5 minutes the site will randomly select a group of customers to gain access to buy tickets. Keep your eye on the clock above, and check out our competitions below while you wait. We thank you for joining in the madness and wish you loads of luck as you Jive for a R5!”

2 things that got me worried were, the countdown timer was not working, It was stuck on 00:00:00 since the beginning of the R5 Sale. Then the slot where we are supposed to see the number of tickets sold was blank. This kept us glued to the website as we were not sure if the sale is still on or not.

I suppose others managed to buy and it would be really nice if we get to know one or two who bought. It’s almost an hour after the sale started and the website is still not accessible on my computers. I am still in the waiting room but clearly is No Luck with FlySafair R5 Sale!

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