Lebogang Mashilo (24) is a UJ graduate who wants to give a voice to taxi passengers.

This app is called Motor Advance Protect Passenger MAPP  will enable users to confidentially alert the department of transport.

Lebogang Mashilo

 Speaking to Daily Sun Lebogang said “The Idea is to solve a the national problem, taxi drivers are responsible for millions of lives. I believe the safety of South African citizens should not be a burden only to the government but should be a collective effort, and this app will empower and enable citizens.”

He is tired of taxi drivers’ bad driving so now he has created a mobile app that will allow passengers to be able to complain if they are not happy with the way taxi drivers drive.

 He said the app will be available on Google play and works like Whatsapp – all you need is to download it and activate it.

“The mobile app will have two versions, the passengers version and the drivers version.

It enables the department and taxi associations monitor the speed at which the taxi is going.

It also serves as an SOS app to report crime to the SAPS and also as a tracker.

Department of Transport spokeswoman Melita Madiba “It is very refreshing to see the youth taking initiative to ensure peoples safety.


“This will be one of the apps the department will be part of it.

“We hope more youngsters will find ways to better people’s lives.”