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Natasha Thahane shares her experience on learning in the US

Natasha Thahane

Speaking to DJ Fresh in a recent interview on Metro FM, Natasha spoke about her experience in America saying that there were times that she got so emotional, especially when the tough got rolling.

Actress Natasha Thahane has been traveling in and out of Mzansi to further her studies in New York. And since her return, the actress has been doing a few interviews to let her supporter know what she’s been up to.

Natasha Thahane

“… the support that I got at school, from like built communities, it was a church, it was school, it was my boyfriend and it was family as well…my parents support as well.

Natasha Thahane
Natasha Thahane and her Boyfriend

Sometimes it was hard, I cried because I wanted to go home, like it’s so hard, I need food I don’t want this food, I want good food, I want my grannies pap, I just wanna be with my family and just to feel my mom’s hug, especially when they criticize you at school, and the lecturers are like: ‘No, you should prepare more, you should do this…I just learned that there’s so much that I need to learn.”


Opening up about her rumored relationship with rapper A-Reece, Natasha said that she was just featured in some of his videos as a job and that she was honored that her acting was good enough to spark a rumor.


“He’s such a great guy, nothing happened, he’s an amazing person though…” confirming in an interview on Touch HD Natasha said,“I’m so good at my job guys, I act, to a point where people think it’s real, I’m a professional friend zoner, I even didn’t wanna kiss him in the first video…my boyfriend is a lucky man.”


Natasha went on to add that she was on a journey of fighting the arts and says that she doesn’t want to focus on people judging her on-screen character with her reality.

“I don’t like announcing plans, I like announcing results, I will be back on your screens soon on something that you’ve been asking me for and outside of that, more offers are coming and I’m signing the contracts…so slowly but surely…”

Speaking to Touch HD the actress hinted that she might be doing a musical soon: “I wanna go back for my masters, secondly, I have a musical coming up, that’s the only time you’re gonna hear me sing.”

Natasha Thahane


“…I am fighting the arts and I will fight it until my last breath, so that is my baby and that is what I feel passionate about, when it comes to, politics and everything, I managed to handle it as well…but I feel like when you’re famous, everything is just amplified, so it’s just a matter of shutting off the noise and doing what you have to do and just going forward.”

Though the actress has a lot planned out for 2018, Natasha says that she will only be revealing her projects as the year unfolds.

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