Nadia Nakai’s More Drugs featuring Tshego goes gold

The rapper finally released the much-anticipated follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2019 debut album, Nadia Naked, with a deluxe edition of the album titled “Nadia Naked II.

The release of the project was led with the lead single from the deluxe project, “Practice,” featuring Vic Mensa. Many have agreed that the song is a smash and confirms Nadia’s voice in the male-dominated hip-hop space.

Nadia Nakai

But the release of her new project was not the only achievement that she shared on social media on the day. Besides the new music release, the star revealed that her hit single “More Drugs,” featuring Tshego has been certified gold and she was surprised with her plaque at home on the day.

In her Instagram stories, Nadia shared a story showcasing how she received the plaque. Her manager delivered the plaque wrapped in paper and complimentary bouquets of flowers. Nadia was uncertain where she was going to put the frame, but has currently opted to make part of the background of her virtual interviews, next to her other awards.

Nadia Nakai

She later took to social media to share her message of thanks for the continued support. In her post she that, “It took patience, hard work and a lot of practice! And not letting anybody get me down! Look guys I finally got a plaque!”

The star has had to fight a lot, especially to receive recognition in the male-dominated space. First, it was snub on the top 10 list of the best hip-hop artists last year. Nadia had been placed at ten, despite having the biggest hip-hop album release of 2019.

Additionally, she had bagged more endorsement deals than her male contemporaries. Again, another snub was at the recent South African Music Awards when she did not get even one nod by the music award ceremony, but it seems there is light at the end of this long tunnel.

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