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Mzansi Celebs with Freckled Faces: Pictures

Gone are the days whereby creatives that have an unusual”look” would be overlooked. The creative industry, especially the fashion sector has aggressively and progressively transitioned from a plastic era of standards of beauty to more realistic representations of beauty, hence most of them have proven to strike a strong resonance with ordinary folks on the ground.

In the wake of the new dawn within the world of beauty and fashion, we have witnessed an empowering acceptance of plus-sized individuals, albino and bald(females) figures breaking the mould with their presence in the industry.

These batch of anomalies have worked hard to secure seats at these so-called elite tables. Which could be perceived as an act of revolution within the creative space.

But there’s another beauty feature that has hardly enjoyed the spotlight within the fashion circles – freckles.

Though we have not seen an aggressive and frequent rise of freckled faced celebrities in our shores, there are those few that have surely made their mark and continue to serve as a fixed inspiration to the rising generations.

Below are just some local celebrities, who have made indelible and impressive strides within the world of all things creative.

Hulisani Ravele

Hulisani Ravele

The former YOTV presenter has never shied away from flaunting her freckles. When on television, it is the norm that celebrities wear makeup, thus slightly covering the freckles. However a few scrolls down Huli’s Instagram, one would notice just how much her freckles actually cover the upper part of her face. These frequent snaps remind us just how proud she truly is about her freckles.

Noni Gasa

Another fashion and beauty icon is Noni Gasa. Although not much is known about Noni, there isn’t any doubt that she truly has been instrumental in opening a window to other forms of beauty.

Noni Gasa

Her striking beauty has been on various beauty products, which served as a killer move, especially from high-end brands, hence by endorsing Noni, they are actually sending out a strong message that they represent everyone.

Ntando Duma

The actress and television presenter is known for slaying that bald head look, however, her freckles are also noted in these creative streets.

Ntando Duma

She continues to strive in her own lane and we couldn’t be more proud and inspired.

Felipe Mazibuko
The well-known fashion stylist, Felipe Mazibuko is another one to take note of.

Felipe Mazibuko

As someone that works primarily within the fashion and beauty space, Felipe comes across all sorts of beauty, but he is also an inspiration himself as it is very often that one spots an exquisite freckled face male.

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