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My 4-5 only works night shift

My 4-5 only works night shift

NOMKHOSI LOVES her man and she loves him to poke her. But his 4-5 works different shifts from my boyfriend. It only works while he is in dreamland,” she said. HIS 4-5 SLEEPS WHEN HE IS AWAKE, BUT IT’S READY FOR ACTION WHEN HE SLEEPS!

Nomkhosi Shabangu (36) from Emndeni in Soweto said they hadn’t had s-e-x for a long time.

My man came home and he was very tired,” she said. “He slept like a baby. His 4-5 rose and I used the opportunity.

Nomkhosi said she did this because that’s the only way she gets her s-e-xual needs fulfilled. She said since then, that has been the strategy.

Her lover, Ndumiso Hlatshwayo (39) told Daily Sun he is tired of his 4-5 working different shifts from him. He said he can touch his woman but his 4-5 doesn’t rise to the occasion.

This problem started about a year ago. I don’t know what happened because I was fine before.”

When he’s sleeping Nomkhosi can touch him but he doesn’t feel a thing because he sleeps deeply. That way, she can help herself while I sleep,” he said.


“My woman is beautiful and I love her but this 4-5 just lets me down.”

He said they have been to doctors but they all said there was nothing wrong with him.

He said sangomas have told him that a jealous ex-girlfriend has cursed him.

He said he checked with ex-girlfriends but none of them said they tried to poke him while he was asleep.

Nomkhosi said she loved him and doesn’t want to cheat.

“I’d rather poke him at night during his sleep than cheat,” she said.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye said Ndumiso needed a powerful sangoma who was able to remove a curse.

“Someone sent this curse to him. He can come to me and I’ll try to help him,” he said.

A Men’s Health Clinic specialist said Ndumiso should come to their office for help.

Sexologist Dr Riaan van Wyk from the My Therapy Centre in Pretoria told Daily Sun many men suffer from male s-e-xual arousal disorder.

He said the causes differ from one person to the next. It could be psychological, cultural or physical issues,” he said.

“But what I can say is that all male dysfunctional disorders can be solved. He said Ndumiso should consult them for advice.

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