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Zizo Beda: Motherhood is tough but it’s worth it

TV and radio personality Zizo Beda has given other moms a snippet of the “tantrums” she’s had to face from her three-year-old son Vukile and asked them to share some of their stories. Dealing with children who want things their way is something all moms can attest to!

Zizo Beda

“No matter how organised you are, being a parent is not easy at all. Like this week, V and I have been through the most,” she said. Like the way we had so many ‘run-ins’ this week, whether it was about him not wanting to eat, or it’s about him wearing pajamas or he’s giving the run-around when it’s time to go to school. Oh my gosh… like all the crazy things that we fight about… but then there are those moments that redeem it all and they make everything just worth it.

Zizo Beda

The TV presenter admitted that she wouldn’t trade her experience for anything else. She said it was the little things V says or does that managed to melt her heart.

Zizo Beda

“Like, sometimes when I call out to him I go, ‘Hello sweet angel’ this week when he replied he said ‘Hello sweet mama’ and my heart just melted.

Zizo Beda


“And, his latest thing now is to go around calling me ‘mama ka V’ and then he’ll come and give me the biggest hug and the biggest kiss as if he knows it’s exactly what I need at those times… which I’m sure he does because we have our own way of communicating. It’s the best experience but the hardest job of my life.

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Source: Timeslive

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