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Mother kills baby, then hangs herself after

Mother kills baby, then hangs herself after. Residents believe the 34-year-old woman first killed her four-month-old baby before taking her own life. It appears that a resident was walking in the bush when he found the body. He then saw something wrapped in a blanket on the ground.

The discovery of a woman’s body hanging from a tree with the body of her baby nearby has left residents of Enqoleni in Eshowe, KZN reeling in shock.

The man called other residents, but they were reluctant to open the blanket. When they finally opened it they found the baby’s body. “We are still reeling in shock,” said a resident.

“We are asking ourselves what is it that bothered this woman so much that she decided to take her own life as well as that of her baby.”

Mom in police

The SunTeam couldn’t immediately locate the family of the dead woman. KZN police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele said on Sunday at 9 am a 34-year-old woman was found hanging from a tree at her home in Enqoleni.

“The body of her four-month-old baby was found next to her with no visible injuries. “An inquest docket was opened at Eshowe cop shop for investigation.”

Source: Daily Sun