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Moshe Ndiki on the importance of s-e-xual health among gay and bisexual men

Moshe Ndiki

Vlogger and presenter Moshe Ndiki has spoken out about the importance of sexual health among gay and bisexual men. In a video on Instagram, Moshe expressed his gratitude for the engagement he received from followers after he touched on pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) last week, as part of the EngageMensHealth campaign. The campaign aims to educate gay men on HIV-prevention measures.

Moshe Ndiki

“Although many confuse prep and pep, those two are different. Prep you take before exposure to HIV and pep you take after exposure to the disease,” he said. Moshe explained that prep was for anyone who wanted peace of mind and to be protected from HIV. However, in SA it is recommended for people who are in high-risk groups, which include gay (and) bisexual … men.

He added that these groups often don’t seek health advice out of fear of being discriminated against.

Moshe Ndiki

“I know how it is being at these health centres in our country. Prep is also recommended for men who have s-e-x with HIV [positive] people or engage in s-e-x work. Essentially, it is for anyone who is sexually involved and doesn’t want to put themselves at risk.” He encouraged people to make use of the preventative medication.

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