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More pictures of Scandal’s actress Mvelo Makhanya

More pictures of Scandal’s actress Mvelo Makhanya. Scandal actress Mvelo Makhanya speaks out after her pic went viral. In an emotional Instagram live story, the star who was close to tears pleaded with people to do better, especially when it comes to their comments about other people’s bodies on social media.

Scandal actress – Mvelo Makhanya has gone out to express how disappointed she is with people’s behaviour on social media. This message comes after an unflattering meme of her head became a topic of discussion on social media. Mvelo expressed how upset she was at how we treat each other on these apps and how toxic social media as a whole is.

“I guess sometimes you can’t be upset about people’s opinions but also at the same time if those opinions are about you, they sure as hell going to bother you. I just really have a huge problem with social media, you’ve seen how toxic I feel about the space.”

I’m just so upset, it’s so upsetting that people on social media, you literally go all the way out to always find something wrong with someone, and then use that to bring someone down. I generally don’t get it, I don’t understand it. What do you gain from doing that? What happens after that? You’ve broken someone’s self-esteem down and then what. I’m so upset!?”

Mvelo said that she’s been trying to block out how she’s been made fun of on social media but the meme was so upsetting because her head isn’t that big and that her hairstyle wasn’t as intensified as it was made out to be when the meme was created.

But besides that, the actress has an amazing Instagram account that she posts beautiful pictures. Check some of the pictures we selected randomly…

Mvelase Makhanya


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Mvelase Makhanya

“it took several sleepless nights, and several exhausting mornings to find the courage to step into my truth. it took me breaking myself apart and rebuilding myself into something new to realize my power. I am past the stage of convincing anyone of my magic.” 🌹💎 

Mvelase Makhanya

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Mvelase Makhanya

I’m definitely my mother’s only daughter. I look so much like her.