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Siv Ngesi rescues girl dumped by mom in the bush

Siv Ngesi

Local comedian and TV presenter, Siv Ngesi, apparently fell in love with a baby girl who was seemingly abandoned by her mother. He shared snaps of the little girl and melted the hearts of social media users.

Siv Ngesi

Funnyman and presenter, Siv Ngesi, shared a post on social media that left his fans with big hearts in their eyes.Siv Ngesi

He shared snaps of a baby girl who was, according to him, abandoned in the bushes by her mother. The little bundle was covered in insect bites and marks, she must have been left on her own for quite a while.

Siv Ngesi
Siv seems so smitten with the girl that he already calls her a princess, and his fans got emotional. It’s hard not to, with the way he holds the girl so close to him.

The SAFTA-nominated entertainer says the baby has been smiling and laughing non-stop, despite the sad state she is in. He didn’t explain how the girl was found or what will happen now, but it is hoped that the baby will be given all the love and care she needs and deserves.

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