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Zim President Mnangagwa announces Fuel increase of $3,31 per litre

Fuel price

Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa and Govt has today decided on the following corrective measures due to increasing fuel shortages in the country.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed the nation this evening informing the country, with effect from midnight tonight, a fuel pump price of $3.11 per litre for diesel and $3.31 per litre for petrol will come to effect. These prices are predicated on the ruling official exchange rate of 1:1 between the Bond Note and the United States Dollar and also on the need to keep fuel retailers viable.

Guests of the Government by way of foreign missions and other registered foreign bodies and tourists will fuel and refuel at designated points at the price of US$1.24 per litre for diesel abd US$2.32 per litre for petrol upon production of proper identification documents.

Zim Fuel Increase

Cognisant of the need to prevent generalized price increases for goods and services in the country, with the attendant hardships which that will entail especially to the commuting workforce.

Government has decided to grant rebate to all registered business entities in Manufacturing, Mining, Commerce, Agriculture and Transport sectors. Details on the exat form the rebate system will take will be announced in due course. Given that the costs mitigations and incentives, Government does not expect, and will not allow, businesses to trigger a new round of price increases.

Zim Fuel Increase


President Mnangagwa continued with his press statement informing the Nation on his forthcoming five-nation visit to Russia, Belarus, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan and Switzerland.

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