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Mihlali Ndamase on not having S.e.x During the Lockdown

Mihlali Ndamase

Award-winning content curator, Mihlali Ndamase left Twitter users rolling on the floor with laughs yesterday, after the president’s announcement of lockdown. The influencer said she will go crazy after not having a night of passion for 21 days.

Mihlali Ndamase

We don’t know if sis is boo’d up or not but, she vented out her frustrations about the lockdown, and it’s clearly messing up with her bedroom matters. The hilarious tweet had many laughing and probably most did not expect her to utter those words.

Mihlali Ndamase

In other news -The role of SANDF during lockdown

The army will be deployed to support the South African Police Service to enforce the nationwide lockdown. President Cyril Ramaphhosa announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown from midnight on Thursday.


Military analyst Helmoed Heitman said the role of SANDF members could vary, depending on the assistance needed by the police. They have been talking about closing down parts of the road network, to prevent people from moving much. For instance, the army could man vehicle checkpoints. Read more

Source: Zalebs