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Woman jumps out of moving Mercedes Benz after airbag deploys

A 42-year-old jumped out her a moving car after her airbag deployed.

According to Prem Balram from Reaction Unit SA, the woman had been travelling on New Glasgow Road in Canelands, Verulam, on Thursday afternoon.

“Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) were dispatched to the single-vehicle accident at approximately 15:03.

“On arrival, the emotional female was located seated in the grass next to her blue Mercedes-Benz C220.

“A pedestrian allegedly witnessed events leading up to the accident.

“He informed Reaction Officers that the airbag on the driver’s side suddenly deployed when the female stopped the vehicle.

“She attempted to exit the car, which began to roll. The driver jumped as the vehicle gained momentum while travelling downhill. The car then collided into a wall before it came to a stop in a ditch.”

The driver said she had been returning from her mechanic, who had done repairs on her car.

The woman sustained minor injuries.


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