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Mark Pilgrim is back in hospital

Veteran radio host Mark Pilgrim is back in the hospital after being discharged on December 29. The father of two took to social media to tell followers he was in the hospital to have fluids drained. Pilgrim is currently fighting stage four lung cancer and was discharged after 64 days in hospital.

Mark Pilgrim

He posted an image of himself lying on a hospital bed with a “thumbs up” signal hand gesture. Followers sent messages of encouragement in the comments section of his post.

Mark Pilgrim

Pilgrim captioned the post: “Back at hospital having a few litres of fluid drained from my abdomen. One day at a time. Step by step the healing happens. #dontstopbelieving
expressionsphoto_sa wrote: “When days are bad, it just takes one of your posts to realise the power of positive thinking. Thank you for that. Get well soon! You have an altar to get to!”

vermeulen_iris wrote: “You inspire us all. And you will be surprised how many all over SA are right behind you. Cheering you on. Fight!! You have a beautiful family. Love from me And then you can say. I NEVER GAVE UP!!!!”

antheasfinest wrote: “U inspire me so much … mom was just like u a true fighter !!!!! Don’t ever ever give up !!!!praying every day for u xxxx.”

Mark Pilgrim

takararissik wrote: “I lost my dad 7 years ago to Cancer, one of the hardest things to deal with as a 15-year-old! Watching your determination, strength and courage is absolutely amazing!

“I hope that more people can take a leaf out of your book. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Keep on keeping on!

On December 31, Pilgrim won the hearts of Mzansi when he proposed to his long-time partner Adrienne Watkins from his wheelchair.

Source: MNS

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