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Mzansi disappointed by MaKhumalo Mseleku’s house from Real Housewives of Durban – Photos

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku was cast as one of the ladies in Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) Season 2 on Showmax. As most of us know, Thobile is married to the businessman, polygamist, reality TV show star and presenter Musa Mseleku.

Real Housewives of Durban is returning for a second season, and she was one of the new ladies featured on the show. Londie London and Jojo Robinson are also new on the show, just like Thobile. Mzansi has mixed emotions over the house she calls her home, and the division has been eminent on the socials.

Real Housewives of Durban cast members live in luxurious, lavish homes. Most of them live in breathtaking mansions adorned with custom made furniture. Ladies in the show have means of generating money and having wealthy husbands to help support their expensive tastes and lifestyles. When Ayanda Ncwane was on the show, she rented a lavish home that fit the show’s criteria.

Thobile has a home in Durban, but; she showed her house from the Mzumbe homestead on the show. Mzumbe is not a suburb or an estate, so people questioned whether she met the criteria to be on the show.

RHOD queens are women who live lavish unapologetically. LaConco was made an example; she’s also a humble queen, but she has an undisputed element of luxury. Fans have also noted that Thobile has an overdose of humility. Thobile is said to be too plain for the show.

After seeing her home from Mzumbe, Thobile was almost cancelled by some of the viewers. Based on living rich, which is the reality show’s plot, viewers disregarded her. Some even suggested that she doesn’t return for Season 3.

Some people came to her defence. The reason is that she is an authentic woman who is living her truth. Women on the show could be cancelled from being cast members. LaConco, for instance, is no longer married to her ex-husband Jacob Zuma. Londie London has not had an official wedding as well.

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