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Makhadzi Loses Rhythm City gig after failing to show up on set

Makhadzi is on a winning streak and we love that for her. From taking the song of the year title in 2020 to making enough money to build her mother a massive house, she is surely Queening and nobody is going to stop her from flourishing – or so we thought.


Record label and artist relationships are always bittersweet, as we have seen in the past. Conflict arises when artists divert to something different, which record labels do not cater for most of the times.


Makhadzi is apparently in that predicament, causing her to lose out on a major gig.


The Matorokisi hitmaker was due to appear in a popular Etv soapie Rhythm City in the coming episodes. Shooting for this episode was supposed to happen this morning however the performer was a no-show, leaving the producers of the show to come up with an alternative at the last minute.

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