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Makhadzi in hot soup for s.e.xually assaulting a male fan on stage – Video

Social media users are breathing fire after news about DJ Dimplez‘s alleged rape at the hands of a 21-year- old woman who now claims to be pregnant with his baby.

The hip hop DJ’s case has sparked lots of discourse on Twitter. Men, and some women, who are disgusted by the young woman’s actions have been voicing their opinions about the matter; condemning the woman’s actions. However, others have noticed that some Tweeps who are known to be very vocal about s.e.xual assault have been mum.

Tweets such as the one below, where a Twitter user is lamenting the fact that if a man is a victim of rape or any form of assault there is very little outrage from women, have been doing the rounds.

“Incase you wondering who raped Dj Dimplez… GBV Twitter warriors are silent AF. Bo “I believe her” gang are nowhere to be seen. If the roles were reversed, Twiitter would be on fire… Canceling left, right and center.”

This has led to the resurfacing of a video of musician Makhadzi’s performance in which she is seen inappropriately touching and fondling one of her male audience member’s nether regions.

In November 2020 the very same clip went viral on social media, and just like with recent events, the singer was dragged and accused of sexually assaulting her fan.

With the high rate of rape and sexual assault cases in the country, many social media users expected for the musician or her management to address the matter, but they were and still are silent.

As it stands, it is not clear weather the Matorokisi hitmaker received consent from her male fan or not. However, her fans have already come to her defense as more and more tweets about canceling her are shared. According to her fans, and some who were in attendance on the night of the performance, the guy in question later shared the video on his Facebook and bragged about being on stage with Makhadzi.

Below are some of the reactions from her fans:

“If the guy didn’t have any problem with this, why are people advocating for him?
The guy really enjoyed, he even posted on his Facebook pagethere’s no way this is sexual harassment.”

“Lol. That day at News Cafe Ṱhohoyanḓou Thavhani Mall, Makhadzi was performing and she called out a volunteer to come to stage. The guy volunteered. In the morning, he went to Facebook, posted the video himself, and we laughed.”

“The first time i saw Makhadzi dancing like that with a guy on stage was years ago Venda nga December .. she ask for a guy to come up on stage.. whats gonna happen is explained before the song starts.. so i belive [sic] its agreed upon.”

Other Tweeps are of the opinion that the powers that be are paying influencers to tarnish Makhadzi’s image.

“Your influencers got paid to cancel Makhadzi….. dont believe the hype… someone at the SAMAS is working overtime.”

“Its obvious they paid someone to cancel Makhadzi over some old video. Yall should be ashamed. Hating on another black child who worked very hard on her own to get where she is today. Her talent is pure & God is still gona bless her more. Limpopo stand up. #HandsOffMakhadzi”

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