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Madam & Mercy: Madam’s lobola negotiations put on hold

Madam’s lobola negations have had to take a back seat due to Covid-19. This was revealed on the latest episode of her reality show, Madam & Mercy.

In light of the nationwide lockdown restrictions, the wife-to-be shared that the whole thing has had to be postponed.

She headed to her parents’ house to discuss a way forward. “Please tell me, what’s the plan for the weekend when my fiancé’s family visits for negotiations? How’s that going to work because there’s a pandemic? The yard is small,” Madam told her parents.

Madam and mercy

Her father, Reuben agreed that this is a problem. “We have to put a lot of things on hold… Even if we asked them to cut down the number of representatives… We have to respect the law.” He added that the negotiations might have to be moved to next year.

Madam then had the same conversation when she was at home with her daughter, Mercy. She told her that it would be safer to put things on hold for now. Mercy then asked if this would have an impact on her relationship with her man. Madam doesn’t seem to think so.

During their chat, we learned that Madam and her fiancé, only known as “Baby”, are currently not living together.

This, according to her, is due to the fact that she doesn’t want to move in with him until she’s married. She explained that she’s been with him for a long time. “We could have moved in together… I would have moved into his house and stayed there but that’s not my intention. I want to do things the right way. So, I don’t think it will affect the relationship.”

The reality TV star and businesswoman also shared that when her fiancé is ready and lobola has been paid, they will take things to the next level. “He will officially marry me, and I can go and stay with him, instead of moving into his house to live together without being married. I’m too old for vat and sit.”


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