Live table games to attract more players in South Africa soon

Casino table games are soon to become abundant in South Africa as online casinos started providing them. Evolution is leading this operation as it has first appeared in partnership with Sunbet, one of the country’s leading sportsbooks and online casinos. If you are new to online gambling, then here are a few factors to know about this new industry.

What is a live table game?

Table games refer to those games you see in casinos other than lotteries and slot machines. They often have dealers tending to the players and practical equipment specifically designed for the game that it represents. Cards and dice are the only elements that can be shared between tables.

In the past, there have been electronic versions of these upcoming live casino South Africa games. These games use random number generator (RNG) software to produce randomized outcomes. Live table games differ in that they are streamed services of the physical version.

Game elements and dealer gestures are scanned and recorded by software that is integrated into the camera. These scans are communicated to the player’s interface.

From their end, they can place their bets simultaneously with other players. Live table games have the potential to support an unlimited number of customers at a time and doing so brings a new element to a popular game.

What kind of games to expect from this category?

Almost every casino game has a live table adaptation thanks to Evolution. Other game providers have also attempted to create their own rendition of the games and they are also coming to South Africa. For now, these are the four games that you are most likely to see.


Blackjack often comes in a traditional format where players place their bets on a seat to get a hand in the next round. This format makes the room support only a limited number of players at a time. Infinite blackjack is a version of the game where every player bet on the same hand.

Their actions such as hit, double up, and stand are recorded individually. If a player stands, the hand will continue drawing for as long as there are players who are calling for a hit. Those that stood won’t be affected by other players’ busts.


Baccarat has a simple concept that allows every table to accept an unlimited number of players. However, some rooms will add limits depending on the server’s capacity. Live baccarat versions vary from normal speed where the dealer waits for the players to speed baccarat where there is a few seconds for every action.


Live table poker is usually single-player that uses the five-card draw rules. The mechanics are similar to video poker where the winnings rise with the rank of the winning hand. Some live poker is about discarding five or fewer cards from the hand in hopes of getting a better hand on the next draw. Others are about betting whether you have a higher hand on the dealer’s face-down cards.


Roulette has little to no difference from everyone’s favourite European and American versions. Even if the rules are similar, live casino South Africa roulette usually has many tables available. Each one is tended by a dealer who speaks different languages for players from across the world.

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