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DA unpacks vision for Tshwane without Lebogang Maile

Randall Williams

The next 15 months leading to the 2021 municipal elections will reportedly provide the party with time to deliver quality services to residents.

In a virtual media briefing to unpack the DA’s vision for Tshwane following the High Court in Pretoria’s ruling which declared the dissolution of the Tshwane metro council unlawful, the DA’s Tshwane mayoral candidate Randall Williams highlighted that other parties were on board to co-govern Tshwane with the DA.

While unpacking his vision for the city, Williams said the metro had to become responsive and transparent in order to adequately deliver to its residents.

The party plans to prioritise the following areas of focus:

  • A Covid-19 plan to contain the spread through increased levels of testing, public education, and treatment where necessary
  • Service delivery is driven by the real needs of the residents as identified by the residents
  • Transparency and regular communication on all key aspects of city services
  • Speed, agility, and resilience will be the driving principles as the city responds to key issues post Covid-19
  • Zero tolerance for city funds stolen or misspent, either through corruption or mismanagement
  • Strict consequence management and criminal action
    Over the next 15 months, the DA will work tirelessly on bringing the vision to life based on these key principles.

The party plans to restructure budgeting systems in order to introduce better grant support. It will set a new target to ensure that 90% of Tshwane streetlights remain on at all times to minimize resident complaints.

“The provision of water and electricity will be prioritized and we will on a weekly basis track updates on the status of service delivery projects in the city through a mayoral dashboard.

“We intend to expand our safety offering to residents by introducing a dedicated inner-city patrol unit, increase the number of operations to counter cable theft and illegal dumping, have focused crime prevention strategies to combat the scourge of drugs and ensure speedy prosecutions at municipal courts.

Regular assessments of the Covid-19 impact on the city’s finances will be done and all service providers who steal from the city will be blacklisted.

“The DA has a sound judgment in place from a full bench of the high court and we will go to great lengths to enforce it. It is important that as a council, we encourage all parties to remember why they were elected and to put the residents first.”

The party plans to reach out to political parties in an attempt to initiate terms of reference indicating better ways to cooperate while governing.

Williams reassured the unity within the party by highlighting that 100% of the party’s caucus voted for him to be candidate mayor.

The next 15 months leading to the 2021 municipal elections would provide the party with adequate time to deliver quality services to residents.

Touching on their coalition with the EFF, the DA’s Mike Moriarty said the DA understood their position with regards to the EFF in that it was clear the EFF may not vote for a mayor.

He added that the party would continue to oppose Cogta MEC Lebogang Maile in questionable decisions. The party has written to Gauteng Premier David Makhura many times to fire Maile.

“Mr Maile is nothing short of an embarrassment for the ANC.”

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Source: The Citizen