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Lady gets spirit-like possessed after boyfriend proposes to her on Valentine’s Day: Video


Lady gets spirit-like possessed after her boyfriend proposes to her on Valentine’s Day: Vid. There is a video that has gone viral on social media of a lady who seems to have gone crazy after her boyfriend had proposed to her yesterday on Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what it is with people and never learning.

I think this week alone we have seen about 5 videos of men going on one knee in public places and the results coming out the same as all men get rejected.

The pressure that a public proposal comes with makes some women to act in an irrational manner that might end up jeopardising the whole relationship. I think this thing of public proposing should just stop, it’s causing too many heartbreaks and the worst is that it will be in the eyes of the public it would take time for the person who will have been rejected a while to heal.

Like this new video that we are about to share with you, the man once again proposed in a restaurant like public place and the lady according to the video seemed like she was about to say yes and then all of a sudden she starts acting like she has been possessed by a demonic spirit.

Check the video below

In other news – Police launch an investigation into the brutal attack on Dimakatso Ratselane who was stabbed 49 times by her husband

Following a brutal knife attack that has left her with horrific scars, the family of Lesedi FM presenter Dimakatso Ratselane have confirmed she was attacked and was recovering in hospital. Police have opened a case of attempted murder against a suspect still at large.

Dimakatso Ratselane

Mpho Folotsi, who is Dimakatso’s sister, said the family has asked that they don’t speak to the media at this stage. All I can confirm is that Dimakatso is still in hospital at the moment and the stabbing did take place. The family has asked that we don’t give further details around the circumstances of the incident,” she said. Learn more

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