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l was a vendor before the fame – Hamilton Dlamini

The Sebokeng-born actor is not a stranger to poverty or lack of belief from people around him and he told Drum how he had to sell peanuts, sweets, and cigarettes on trains to fund his acting lessons.

Even though actor Hamilton Dlamini realised he was not “clever” enough to be the doctor his father wanted him to be, he wasn’t willing to be a failure and threw everything he had into becoming a successful actor.

Hamilton Dlamini

Hamilton said he was “forever dodging the cops and the warring gangs.” He explained that although he never resorted to crime, he learnt a great deal about criminals on those trains.

“Most real-life bad guys come from broken homes. When I research my villainous characters, I look at all these broken people,” he said. The Isithembiso actor proudly said he knew he would win a Safta this year. Pompous much?

 No fam, these are the words of a man whose been grinding hard and he knew that it was his time.  The actor has been in the industry for over a decade and has played so many award-worthy roles.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Hamilton’s on-screen wife on Isithembiso, Claudia (played by Chichi Letswalo) sang his praises. She said the actor was a joy to work with and the total opposite of the evil character he plays.

Although there’s no denying Hamilton’s versatility, the actor always makes for a convincing villain and his latest portrayal of Sepoko on Five Fingers For Marseilles is enough proof.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, you are simply missing out.

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Source: Times Live