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Kwesta shares what AKA got him for his birthday in hilarious video

AKA and Kwesta

South African musician, Kwesta, celebrates his 31st birthday on 11 August and shared a video giving fans a peek at how he’s spending his special day. He also showed off with the unique ‘present’ he got from fellow muso, AKA.

Popular muso, Kwesta, is celebrating his birthday, and while it’s kept a private affair, he did give his fans a sneak peek at what he’s up to.

AKA and Kwesta

The Khethile Khethile hitmaker shared a short video on Instagram to show his fans what rapper AKA got him for his special day and to say ‘Don’t call me’ – he’s busy having a birthday bash! In the video, Kwesta shows off with his gift: a nickerball (remember those?) and AKA is munching on what could be fried chicken. Oh, and the rapper’s shirtless. Although the video isn’t that long, it entertained Kwesta’s fans.

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