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A look at Kelly Khumalo’s album cover art


Kelly Khumalo is gearing up to release her new album The Voice of Africa and for the album’s cover art, the star took quite the risky approach

The singer has already dropped some music from the highly anticipated album. Her fans are loving the music and are looking forward to what the album will offer.

For the album cover, Kelly went for a very different look, a controversial one, where she was covered in all black mud, a move she wasn’t exactly sure of but upon her team’s advice went for the daring look.

Kelly Khumalo

On her reality show, Life with Kelly Khumalo, the award-winning singer explained more about why she decided to take on the look especially since she was afraid people on social media would come for her.

During the photoshoot with well-known photographer Xavier Saer, Kelly explained the concept behind the images.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly shared that the album’s leading single is Empini and she made the historical reference to Shaka and his army of Zulu men, who when they went to war would smear themselves in mud as to not be visible to their enemies.

In an Instagram post, Kelly shared two pictures one of herself and the other Bastet the Egyptian Black Cat Goddess.

“This Goddess was not only known as the Protector but the Goddess of War (EMPINI),” shared Kelly.

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