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Kelly Khumalo answers back at 4-5 suck!ng tweet

Kelly Khumalo answers back at 4-5 suck!ng tweet. From addiction issues to watch the father of her second child get killed in front of her, she has been through a lot, and sometimes trolls use her life experiences against her.

Over the years, Kelly Khumalo has been the butt of many jokes and she has had enough. The mom of two has been in the entertainment industry for several years and during her time in the spotlight, she has experienced the highs and lows of fame.

Kelly Khumalo

After pictures surfaced of Kelly and Chad Da Don loved-up, some people began cyberbullying her and Chad saying that he might die if he gets with her.

Kelly Khumalo

The stars recorded a music video for Kelly’s latest single and since the pictures from the music video shoot surfaced, fans started speculating that the artists are an item, a rumour none of them has confirmed.

Kelly khumalo

A Twitter user felt the need to come for Kelly and her relationship with Chad, and she was not about to have any of it. Take a look at the harsh interaction below:

Beware: The language used in these tweets is not PC…


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