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Keep Your Cat Healthy with These Cleaning Hacks

Keep Cat healthy

Having a pet around is a fun thing. However, when it comes to cleaning after the pet, it is not fun at all. Sometimes you will forget, and some other times you wish the cat was just able to clean after itself. Too bad for you because both options are not available for you. Instead, we have a practical way of staying with a healthy cat. Before we share this, you need some training for your cat. Unfortunately, most of the learning comes through conditioning. 

So, let’s talk about a few conditioning tricks that will help you keep clean. 

Keep The Cat Off The Couch

It takes some work to keep the cat off its favorite perch. So, use a pet repellent on the couch. It will take some time before the cat can develop new habits. Provide an alternative area where the cat will rest during the day, and while you are away. You can set aside one couch. It is easier to clean one sofa than clean up the whole set. Cover the couch with an aluminum foil or any other material that will resist furs and dirt. Cats only need to develop a routine, and they will keep it for a lifetime. If it is used to sleeping on the covered couch, it will unlikely sleep on the upholstered seat.  

Use A Fur Filter To Prevent Drain Clogging

Pet fur can easily clog the bathroom drain. If you bathe the cat in a basin, you still need a fur filter if you will be pouring the water down the drain. Fur and fats make up a resistant combination that will prevent your drain from clearing easily. It is easier to clean up the filter than to clean a clogging drain. Instead of doing plumbing after cleaning the cat, you could be cuddling with the cat to soak in the minty fresh, clean pet. You can clean the fur on the couch using duct tape or use a handheld vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will suck the hair and dander. 

Keep your cat healthy

No Litter Box

As said above, cats take time to condition, but once they have gotten the rhythm, they are faithful to it. The no litter box is an effective way of conditioning the cat to poop at the right place. Cats’ curiosity is legendary. Once you bring the box home, the cat will inspect it immediately. You can add litter to the box to give the cat an idea of what the box is all about. You can spice up your cleaning by covering the litter with a plastic bag before adding litter. When it comes to cleaning, you will pick the bag, wrap the poo, and dispose of it easily. This approach reduces the cleaning required. Even when the cat has messed several times, and the site is disgusting, you will wrap it easily and dispose of it. Some litter boxes are ingeniously made so that you don’t have to clean every day.

Invest in Automatic Litter Boxes

Technology has a way of making things that we hate fun and rewarding. Instead of the usual lousy feeling of cleaning after your cat, you can let the cat enjoy some technological marvels created by smart people out there. According to https://www.howtohome.com/automatic-litter-boxes/, these boxes remove the poo automatically. All you have to do is to empty the box after several days, preferably weekly. Even if you are not home for a fortnight, your cat will still have a safe place to poo. 

Replace Brushing With Vacuuming

Instead of cleaning the cat with a brush, you will need to change that to reduce the workload. Once you have brushed the cat, you will have to collect the fur and probably vacuum the house and furniture. You can reduce all that by vacuuming the source. A handheld vacuum cleaner will help you clean the cat, remove the loose fur, and keep the house in the same pristine state. The vacuum might rattle the cat at first, but with time he or she will get used to it.

Cleaning after a cat can be a tough job, especially for the fainthearted. Even for the strong, the smell can sometimes be too much to bear. You can, however, make it easy to clean around. You can start by training the cat to use the litter. Also, ensure that the cat only uses one couch in the house. Upholstering or covering the couch with soft material can encourage the cat to use the sofa, always making your cleaning easy.